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Yoga Website Design

Mindful Marketing is proud to work extensively with individuals and organizations offering mindfulness-based practices to their communities. One of the industries we most enjoy working in is the yoga industry. Whether you’re a private teacher, a community studio, or an online yoga program, Mindful Marketing can build you a beautiful and effective website. With a strong SEO foundation, a display of your calendar, and social media accounts to go along with it, we will build you all you need to get your teaching practice off the ground!

Yoga Studio Marketing

Struggling with how to market a yoga studio? Mindful Marketing can help you come up with a marketing plan, investigate search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, and more. Together we can create an effective yoga marketing plan that is in line with your vision for yourself and your practice. We will help you show up in local search results, gather emails, and find new students. We pride ourselves in keeping our clients’ image and branding in mind. We will market your business effectively without compromising your values or mission.

Mobile Yoga Websites

These days, over half of searches on the Internet come from mobile devices. It’s no longer true that you “should” have a mobile-friendly site. You must. At Mindful Marketing, we are experts in mobile-friendly yoga website design that will capture the attention of both mobile and desktop users. Don’t leave your potential clients frustrated with a site that doesn’t function on their device!

Local SEO

In marketing yoga studios, it’s important to build a site that will show up when people search for local studios. With our years of experience with search engine optimization, we will build the latest in marketing techniques right into the fabric of your site. When users search for yoga studios in your town or area, we’ll work to make sure you show up in the search results and on the map.

Beautiful Design

Whether somebody is visiting your site from a mobile device or their computer, you want to capture their attention with a beautiful and unique website. Mindful Marketing’s team of designers and developers build beautiful yoga websites that will help you stand out from the rest. Our team is efficient and talented, working with you and your team to hand-craft the perfect website.

Social Media Marketing

In addition to our professional yoga web design services, we work extensively with social media marketing campaigns. We will help to build optimized social media accounts that brand your name and drive traffic. Whether you need help creating engaging content, building your follower base, or linking profiles to make your job easier, Mindful Marketing’s team of professionals can help!

Strong Marketing

Building a website without a strong marketing foundation is like putting your store in the middle of the Mojave Desert and only being open during the middle of summer. It’s of no use if it won’t be seen or utilized. We build websites that will effectively generate business and interest. We can come up with a yoga marketing plan and ideas to help get your business moving!

Yoga App Design

Have you thought about a dedicated mobile app for your teachings or studio? We can build you an app with your current calendar or schedule, videos of any online teachings, a podcast, your blog, and more. You will be able to send notifications about new classes, special events, discounts, and more directly to your customers. We build applications for both Android and iOS that shine and keep your users engaged.

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