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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Mindful Marketing has years of experience working with PPC campaigns, maximizing your investment by targeting the right keywords, running remarketing campaigns, and analyzing the data to find what works.

Expert Targeting

Mindful Marketing won’t waste your advertising dollars. Through extensive knowledge of keywords and user behavior, we will utilize every penny to reach the right audience. We utilize remarketing campaigns, which are PPC campaigns that target users that have already interacted with your website. Remarketing campaigns have much higher ROI’s, often creating twice the business as a normal PPC campaign.

Optimized Ads

In addition to targeting the right users, we will create ads that are effective and draw users in. With optimized text and images on both search engines and social media, we will increase your click-thru-rate and save you money. Stop paying for ads that people see but don’t click on! Mindful Marketing will build advertisements that encourage users to visit and purchase.

PPC Inquiries

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